Diamond detectors could aid the search for dark matter

Diamond detectors could aid the search for dark matter


She was one of the most powerful and clean voices of the operatic stage. Her performances of classic works still evoke extremely strong emotions, and her talent is intimidating. Maria Callas deserves a place in the Pantheon of opera celebrities, as well as … jewelry collectors.

Maria Callas, or rather Cecilia Sophia Anna Maria Kalogeropoulou , was born in New York in 1942. She was the third child of Greek emigrants. Her younger brother died at the age of three and after these tragic events, the family and their firstborn daughter emigrated to America.

 Four months after arriving in the States, Maria was born. Her mother, Evangelia, did not show any exaggeration about it. She counted on her son who would replace her beloved, prematurely deceased Vasilii.

As she remembered her childhood, the opera diva came, her mother was demanding and emotionally cool for her and her sister. In addition, she designed her unfulfilled ambitions for daughters – she expected them from a stage career that she missed.

In one of the interviews, Callas said: “I feel sorry for all the children who grew up in the late 1930s, in the days of wonderful children, when parents gave birth to all sorts of wonderful ideas, how to gain fame and fortune. My mother was right about me, but others were wrong and ruined their children’s lives.

As for me, I had a perfect voice and I was forced to make a career. I was also considered a wonderful child. In my childhood I won several radio contests in America and performed at school celebrations.

A diva came in after midnight for a post-admission party (among others Marlene Dietrich was present). The guests dazzled the received from the jeweler Harry Winston with a dignified ruby ​​necklace richly decorated with diamonds, earrings and a bracelet.you can check here infomation about 鑽石等級.

The achievement could demonstrate essential in the journey for better approaches to store and share delicate data, with past investigations indicating jewels could house mammoth measures of scrambled information.Kosaka’s group additionally included Kazuya Tsurumoto, Ryota Kuroiwa, Hiroki Kano, and Yuhei Sekiguchi.

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