Jadi Pengusaha Judi Togel, Ibu Ini Terpaksa Mendekam Di Penjara

Jadi Pengusaha Judi Togel, Ibu Ini Terpaksa Mendekam Di Penjara

Third plea in law: leakage. There is no knowledge about whether the prime minister is different than given in the information, but if all this is true, it coincides with what Mariusz K., the head of the CBA says at his press conference. If, after the intervention of the prime minister, people involved in this scandal have decided not to have more fingers involved in this case, because nothing is gaining (there is no talk of corruption) and you can get hit.

There is no problem, however, that Rzeczpospolita natychmias has and publishes the scenograms of conversations between a businessman and politicians.

There is no problem with the fact that the CBA does not disclose on what basis eavesdrops on leading PO politicians? (talking about eavesdropping on another occasion is not very real)

CBA is evidently a PiS tool to fight against political opponents, perhaps alongside any action to combat corruption. The main focus of this office is to destroy PO at this moment.

This affair reminds me, unfortunately, of a deep PRL.

Reading many publications about Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko I find a strange analogy. Well, wanting to destroy the good name of priest George, he was given explosives and leaflets to his studio, and they were detained. the later action of power is significant: an extensive article attached to Jerzy Urban, “Garsoniera ks. Popiełuszko,” slandering Fr. by Urbana at press conferences.

Today, Jaroslaw Kaczynski undoubtedly is such a Urban, who puts in a position to submit to the Prime Minister’s resignation. The same Kaczynski, who says openly two days earlier that he is doing everything to take power away, at all costs. with the help of CBA too.

We have big scandals in the media:Mirosław G – so far he won for libel for Zbigniew Ziobro.Tomasz Lipiec – I have no knowledge but I will remind – the minister in the PiS government.if you need more info just visit this site Links situs poker online.


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